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Who We Are
Pioneer Funding Group, LLC is an investment firm founded in 2009 that provides liquidity to creditors of bankrupt companies. We purchase trade receivables, mechanics liens, lease and executory contract claims, loans and other types of debt from suppliers, landlords, lenders and other creditors.

What We Offer
Immediate Cash Settlement – we provide a cash payment that you can reinvest in your business today, versus waiting months or years for distributions of notes, stock or cash
Definitive Recovery - we provide a certain outcome, versus facing the uncertainty of a lengthy bankruptcy proceeding where creditors typically receive only a fraction of the amount owed
Time and Expense Savings - we eliminate the hassle, expense and distraction associated with monitoring the bankruptcy court proceedings
Selling Your Claim
The claim transfer process is simple and well-established with only a few short forms to sign. Selling your claim does not affect your ability to continue to do business as usual with your customer.

Contact Us
(646) 237-6969
(888) 907-3227
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