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Bankruptcy Claim Buyers

Pioneer Funding Group, LLC is an investment firm founded in 2009 that provides creditors with cash for their Chapter 11 and 7 bankruptcy claims. We purchase trade invoices, mechanics liens, lease and executory contract rejection claims, mortgage and promissory notes, and other types of bankruptcy claims.

Benefits of Selling Your Bankruptcy Claim

Immediate Cash Settlement – we provide a cash payment for your bankruptcy claim that can be reinvested in your business today, versus waiting years for distributions of notes, stock or cash
Definitive Recovery – by selling your bankruptcy claim today, you receive a certain outcome, versus facing the uncertainty of a lengthy bankruptcy proceeding where creditors typically receive a fractional recovery
Time and Expense Savings – we eliminate the hassle, expense and distraction associated with monitoring the bankruptcy court proceedings

Selling Your Bankruptcy Claim

The bankruptcy claim sale process is simple and well-established under bankruptcy law. Selling your bankruptcy claim does not affect your ability to continue to do business with your customer.

Why did Pioneer contact me?

Pioneer is offering creditors in certain Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases an opportunity to sell their bankruptcy claims for an immediate, certain cash settlement that can be reinvested in your business. Pioneer accepts the recovery and timing risk so your company keeps the cash settlement regardless of what Pioneer ultimately recovers.

Why doesn't the bankrupt company ("Debtor") pay the bankruptcy claim?

The Debtor filed for bankruptcy because it does not have the necessary liquidity to pay its obligations. U.S. Bankruptcy Code states that the filing of a bankruptcy petition suspends all actions against the Debtor. This so-called "automatic stay" prevents creditors from collecting debts or pursuing other remedies against the Debtor.

What are the benefits of selling my bankruptcy claim?

  • Elimination of Recovery Risk: Unsecured creditors are the last in line to receive distributions. In many cases, recoveries are low or non-existent for unsecured claims after administrative expenses (lawyer and advisor fees) and secured creditors are paid. Selling the non-performing bankruptcy claim for cash allows you to secure a definitive recovery, eliminating the risk of an uncertain bankruptcy outcome.
  • Immediate Cash Conversion: The average duration of a corporate bankruptcy case is approximately 2 years from the filing date to the plan effective date, but many cases take far longer due to litigation, disputes between creditors, facility shutdowns, and labor issues. Selling your non-performing bankruptcy claim for cash eliminates the time risk associated with a bankruptcy case and allows you to immediately re-invest the cash into your business.
  • Elimination of Consideration Risk: Assuming there is sufficient value remaining at the conclusion of a bankruptcy case, unsecured creditors may receive distributions in the form of promissory notes, stock, cash or a combination thereof. Promissory notes and stock are difficult and costly to liquidate and often cannot be sold immediately. Selling your non-performing bankruptcy claim for cash eliminates the risk of receiving illiquid securities.
  • Elimination of Time and Cost associated with the Bankruptcy Process: Corporate bankruptcy cases involve a great deal of paperwork and correspondence between the Debtor, the bankruptcy court and creditors. Selling your non-performing bankruptcy claim for cash eliminates the time, money and valuable human resources required to follow and participate in a bankruptcy case from beginning to end.
  • Favorable Tax Benefits: Selling your non-performing bankruptcy claim for cash may provide your company with a tax benefit by applying the loss on the uncollected portion of your bankruptcy claim against current Income.

  • How soon will Pioneer pay me?

    The entire process from first contact to receiving your funds can be completed within a few days. Pioneer typically can process payment within 2 business days of completing documentation.

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